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  • We got to know Mohammed on a tour about a year ago and were delighted with his knowledge, friendship and great service. Within a very short time, he will be your friend and will continue to stay in touch after you have left Morocco. He knows everybody and everything that makes a trip great.

    John sotr
    Solo Traveler
  • We had a wonderful time. Mohamed was a fantastic guide. He always placed his “guests” first. He was there with you 100% if you had any sort of issue. His knowledge of Morocco is incredible and everyone on the trip had a great time, and he Mohamed was the key to that! We have taken many trips and when asked what our favorite trip was, we answer Morocco.

    Solo Traveler
  • Mohamed was our trip leader during our Overseas Adventure Travel during December 2018. We have taken many trips and only a few tour leaders have left a memorable impression. And one of them is Mohamed. A very conscientious young man who never lost his cool. Very polite, extremely knowledgeable, able to resolve problems with a smile, always on time. Made our tour run very smoothly and very enjoyable. We will always remember Mohamed and his family which turned out to be one of the highlights of our visit in Marakesh. We highly recommend Mohamed!

    Steve J
    Solo Traveler
  • Mahamed was our trip leader on a 20 day trip in Morocco. He was a wonderful leader, expert on Morocco, and a great person. We had many wonderful conversations about his country, his family, religion, history, etc. He is very knowledgeable and forthright about the good and the not so good things in his country. I came away with a much better understanding of Morocco, its people, its challenges, and its opportunities for the future. He has my very highest recommendation..

    Eric R
    Solo Traveler
  • We had an excellent time during our tour. Mohamed arranged a high standard of accommodation for us and the meals we had beautifully show cased Morocco’s unique cuisine. The tour had the perfect balance of sight seeing and relaxation.
    I would highly recommend Mohamed as a tour guide if you were looking for a comfortable and unique experience in Morocco.

    Janelle S

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