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Who are we : Desert tours Morocco, a travel agency, born in 2015 out of the desire to showcase the true Morocco and provide travellers with authentic local Berber experiences. With over 10 years’ experience in lending both small and large group tours for world renowned tour companies including Allibert Trekking, KE Adventure Travel and Intrepid we want from people to experience the lesser known towns such as Imlil, Ouzoud, Telouet and Tassaout which are steeped in Berber culture and history and are generally not included in travel itineraries. we are committed to offer tours and services with high quality all around Morocco, by combining both our experience and enthusiasm.
As travellers, we all have wanderlust but we are not the same. Whether it’s the big cities you’re interested in or going off the beaten track or both, Desert Tours Morocco can tailor a tour to suit all your needs.

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Why Book with Us

Being locals, we have firsthand experience of our products. We pick and cooperate with the very best hotels, guides and local providers to make up our vacation packages. We know them, and they know us.,

100% Customizable

Our trip and stay at Desert Tour Morocco are designed to meet your exact needs and to give you the opportunity to live the most exciting, wonderful and unforgettable moments of your stay in Morocco. we are flexible, our packs can be cut and built from scratch to be tailored to your needs and expectations, with our resources as well as our enthusiasm and energy, we are undoubtedly able to make your vacancies a dream of a thousand and one night. what are you waiting for! contact us now and let us know your interests and your expectations, and it's up to us then to surprise you!

No Hidden Charges

you're tired of the middleman that contributes to the inflation of your bill? Do you find yourself at the end of each trip surprised with the amount you have to pay? With Desert Tours Morocco you will undoubtedly avoid all this, by booking directly from a travel agency you will be at the shelter of the scammers. trust us and know that desert tours Morocco guarantee you the most suitable prices. Trust as and compare our prices with those of our competitors in order to be convinced. We don’t add hidden extra costs.
book now and live the moment life does not wait!

Qualified & experienced staff

“We are experienced at what we do. We are all well educated and have over 10 years of training and professional experience behind us.
Even more importantly - we are adventurers ourselves. All our staff members have travelled extensively, therefore we have plenty of tips and advice to offer as well.
Our team is made up of friendly people with different backgrounds and qualifications, all working towards making sure you enjoy the very best of what Morocco has to offer”

Different oceans of dunes in Morocco

We have 2 oceans of dunes in Morocco, 2 big Ergs, ergs Chebbi and Chegaga.
The Erg Chebbi is the best known: they are very large orange dunes whose highest peak at more than 150 meters. They are in the region of the city of Rissani in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara. They are easily accessible by the road that will take you to the foot of the giant, near the village of Merzouga. It is a beautiful and rare place, its beauty is indisputable. Unfortunately, the road makes it one of the most tourist sites in Morocco. So a tip, do not stay on the side of the road but find one of the beautiful and comfortable bivouacs that are on the other side of the dunes, accessible only by the track and in 4 × 4. A perfect setting for adventurers who love comfort!

For those seeking even more authenticity and adventures, then without hesitation, you have to go to Erg Chegaga.
The Erg Chegga is located south of the city of Zagora, about 12 hours drive from Marrakech. After the village of M'Hamid you leave the road to take the track for a journey of 2 hours through the real desert, where successive unreal landscapes such as dry rivers (Oueds), Regs, Hamada and finally the very wild and majestic Erg Chegaga. This region is still unspoilt and remains wild. A fragile pearl that you have to pay attention to.

Between Chebbi and Chegaga, hard to choose! We would advise you to see both. But we still have a slight preference for Chegaga and its wild side, the track to get there is a great adventure. Do not ever venture into this place alone and without a guide: do not forget that you are at the heart of the Sahara and that if the weather changes, you could get lost.

There are many other Ergs in the Moroccan Sahara, but I have described the two most important ones. There are a multitude of small Erg who are often tourist catches. Hold in two: Erg Tinfou (at the gates of Zagora and at the edge of the road) and Erg ElYoudi. The second is better but it's so bad to have done so many kilometers to find so close to the goal and limit themselves to these tourist fairs or swarm the bivouacs. Let's not forget that before anything else, a desert is by definition an area where the population density is very low

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Kasbahs Sahara And Fes

3 Days - 3 Nights

Discover The Desert

When we talk about the desert, we talk about incomparable beauty, landscapes where the sky meets the sand, nights under the stars that let you feel like a dream, a fairy tale. in this arid and dry land hides the most beautiful place, the mysteries of a population that still retains the authenticity and originality of its way of life, come with us and live a remarkable and rich experience

There are 3 types of desert on the planet:

- The Reg is a desert of rocks, a stony plain.
- Hamada is a desert plateau, rocky.
- Erg is a huge territory occupied by dunes.
Book now with Desert Tour Morocco and discover them all

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