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Things you can buy only in Morocco

If you are a shopper or just interested in buying souvenirs from places you visit, here is a list of things you can buy only in Morocco

Visiting Morocco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you are going up north to Tangier, central to Casablanca or south to Marrakesh, you will have the opportunity to take in the stunning views, and learn more about the lives of the locals and their traditional goodies. Most of the products are either hand-made locally or made with bio products. There are a lot of things you can take back home, but here are the things you can only find in Morocco!

Moroccan leather

The leather in Morocco is highly unique and tanned in a medieval way that hasn’t changed in centuries. As you may know, the most famous tannery is the Chouara Tannery of Fez. The leather is worked in a truly traditional way that keeps the leather as authentic as possible. You can get leather slippers, bags, jackets, wallets, belts and much more.

Argan oil

Argan trees grow in the south region of Morocco, so it is definitely the place to buy argan oil and ensure that it is as natural as possible, made in the traditional Berber way. Moroccans use argan oil for culinary and cosmetic reasons, and although it is widely famous for its benefits on all kinds of hair, it is also extremely efficient on acne and skin in general.


Lanterns are a very famous Moroccan piece you can take home, as they instantly remind you of the beauty of Morocco thanks to their detailed features. They can be found in most markets and come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Beware of the aluminum ones, however, as they bend easily and might be a hassle to transport. The heaviest ones might be more expensive but are definitely worth it.

Rugs and carpets

Have you seen those bright, red rugs and those black-and-white carpets with sequins on them in Pinterest photos? Those are actually hand-made in Morocco. Here you can find them at cheaper prices—you must haggle, of course—and even watch the process of their making. Rug shops usually have a wide range of carpets on display, and can even customize them and ship them to your home abroad.

Bread baskets

These baskets originated from the Sahara, are always hand-made and are extremely colourful. Modern Moroccans stopped using them, but recently riads have started including them in their traditional décor, which made them trendy again within the young community. They are very cheap and easy to transport.


The pottery you will find in Morocco is truly magnificent, and you’ll only find it here. They are hand-painted ceramics that come in all shapes and forms, colors and sizes. They are the perfect gift to give to relatives, as they sit nicely in any house as décorjust make sure to pack them carefully, as they are known to break in suitcases.


Of course, you cannot leave Morocco without a djellaba, a Moroccan dress for both men and women. For women, they usually come in a variety of colors, material and patterns. Actually, the locals buy their own piece of cloth and take it to a tailor to get their djellabas custom made. Men, however, have a limited choice. As their hobbies don’t usually include fashion, most of the time they buy ready-made djellabas from a shop in very neutral colors: black, olive, or grey for example.

Market bags

These bags have been used by Moroccans for centuries and you can get them anywhere in the Kingdom. They were initially used by women who went to the souks to put their products in, instead of carrying numerous bags. You can watch women make them by hand at main squares, where they often include leather handles, pompoms or other decorative elements.


Babouche means slipper in French, and is widely known as such in the Kingdom. However, in Moroccan they’re called belgha. Slippers are the traditional Moroccan shoes that have been worn for centuries by men, women and children. They come in all colors, materials, patterns and shapes. The prettiest ones are vividly colorful and can be worn everywhere.

Colored tea cups

Tea, and more specifically mint tea, is a big deal in Morocco, so you can imagine that anything relating to tea is of equal significance—from how fresh the mint is, to the sweetness. How you present the table to your guests is the most important, with detailed tea pots and gorgeous teacups. They come in a lot of vivid colors, just like everything else in Morocco, with stunning hand-made decoration that will impress your guests!

Moroccan pastries

The best Moroccan pastries are mssemen, batbout, harcha and baghrir, among others. You won’t be able to get these anywhere else in the world or at least nothing nearly as good as the ones made by Moroccan women. They are definitely a must-try in the Kingdom and they go perfectly with a glass of fresh mint tea!

Don’t hesitate visiting Morocco for more Amazing Things … !

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