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Most beautiful towns in Morocco desert tours from marrakech

No one can deny that Morocco is a stunning country full of color, charm, and warmth, in other terms Morocco is brimming with beauty and it is something we no longer need to prove with its spectacular Atlas mountains stretching across the country and its sparkling azure sea contrasting with the golds of the desert sands that we have the opportunity to discover during Morocco desert tours from Marrakech.

Morocco is also considered as home to countless beautiful cities each of one of them is known for its wonderful landscapes and unique culture. However and unfortunately the majority of tourists are often limited to the most famous places such as Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir, Casablanca…etc, in this level the tourist should think outside the box and try to visit other charming Moroccan villages where they can meet the locals in the aim of getting to know more about deep Morocco during Morocco desert tours from Marrakech.

A morocco desert tours from marrakech is more than just a discovery pushed by curiosity, although it represents a real encounter with light years away from our daily lives with a very specific routine.

This land of contradictions and contrasts offers an infinite variety of cultures, landscapes and unique atmosphere due to its natural environment that will make you relearn to discover, watch and meditate. visiting this beautiful country in Morocco desert tours from Marrakech is a real experience that will without any doubt ends-up making you rediscover the sources of humanity and the striking beauty of the daily spectacles that our planet plays for us with its sunsets and sunrises.

A British archaeologist Gertrude Bell said once “ Look at the desert in the early morning and die if you can !”

If you are willing to have a unique experience and you want to escape the big cities in order to discover the beauty of the Moroccan desert, here are the most beautiful towns in Morocco, where you will live a different and very new experience that you can visit during Morocco desert tours from Marrakech.

  • Ouarzazate :

Ouarzazate also is known as the Moroccan Hollywood is a beautiful oasis highlighted by the azure sky that is cloudless almost all the year, it is one of the North African charming places with its innumerable kasbah, mountains, and very arid plains, in Ouarzazate we can find also palm groves, palm trees, green oases and valleys which make the charm of this region and gives it at the same time its touristic appeal that you will discover with Morocco desert tours.

The Taourirt Kasbah which belonged once to Glaoui is the main symbol of the city, this Kasbah was built in the middle of the 18th century. Ouarzazate represents also the nerve center of the vast southern region of Morocco with a population of 100 000 inhabitants, and its vast desert plateau attracting tourists from different countries to discover the natural beauty of this city.

Ouarzazate is also one of the most popular Moroccan sites for filmmakers from around the world thanks to its unique landscapes and cinematographic assets which the main one is the quality of the light and the brilliant sun.

Without forgetting that Ouarzazate has an international airport and is accessible by road from Marrakech, so it is easy to access during your Morocco desert tours.

  • Merzouga :

 A small village in southeastern Morocco, Merzouga is 35 kilometers from Rissani and 20 kilometers from the Algerian border, the dunes of Merzouga are one of the most important desert dunes in Morocco after Erg Chebbi dunes, They represent a marvel of nature, and they are one of the provinces prides. Everyone visiting Merzouga during their Morocco desert tours remains dazzled by the beauty of those high golden dunes and especially with the view, they offer during sunset and sunrise which is a very unique view that is impossible to find somewhere else. Let’s not forget that Merzouga sand is very famous for its therapeutic properties against rheumatic diseases, for this reason, the months of July and August know a high level of the national and also foreign visitors who are seeking to have a sand bath and to get beneficial cures, your morocco desert tours from marrakech can then be curative.

In Merzouga the climate is of Saharan type, characterized by its aridity, the temperature can easily reach 45 C during summer, while during the winter it varies between 10 and 18 C.

For centuries this region has been a real crossroads between the civilizations of the African desert, as a result, many kasbahs appear some of them are held by Berber families. you will be able to admire their beauty during your Morocco desert tours.

 If you are wishing as a traveler to experience the beauty of the Sahara desert, then you should not look any further than Merzouga, why? It is simple, this destination offers an unforgettable experience thanks to its impressive and wonderful landscapes of impressive dunes with one of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrise in the world.  

 Moreover, visitors can enjoy riding camels through the dunes, tasting Berber and Saharan food and especially spending the most peaceful nights in tents while watching the sky full of stars. The magic you will discover during Morocco desert tours is unbelievable.

M’hamid El Ghizlane

  • M’hamid El Ghizlane

 Formerly named Taragalte, M’hamid El Ghizlane is a small authentic village on the outskirts of the Sahara, after this small village the road stops, it is then the time to continue on foot or camel if you are willing to sink into the desert of the Sahara during your Morocco desert tours.

 Mhamid El Ghizlane is a rural commune in southeastern Morocco that belongs to the province of Zagora in the extreme south, Mhamid el Ghizlane is a small village that has about only ten to thousand inhabitants spread over 14 ksars, the majority of them are young people, it is a place known worldwide for its Chigaga sand dunes, which are very ideal for an extraordinary Morocco desert tours and camel treks where you will be able to discover the breathtaking landscapes.

  • Zagora :

 Zagora is a surprising region that extends to the Sahara which reveals its beauty and splendor revealed by its oases, wadis, acacia forest, and especially huge desert dunes.

 This beautiful southern city is surrounded by some beautiful kasbahs, by strolling in the street of this city you will discover that Zagora is a real treasure for lovers of cinema and art-deco architecture thanks to its cultural diversity which appears in the level of its monuments, kasbahs, and Ksours, it is a meeting point of Africo-Arab civilizations. Zagora is rich due to its capacity of enhancing its heritage and make it part of modernity worth discovering during your Morocco desert tours.

Once in Zagora, all your worries will fly like grains of sand, this beautiful small city is located in southeastern Morocco and it is about 360 km of Marrakech. So if you are dreaming of tranquility and you are desiring sun and uprooting during your Morocco desert tour, then don’t hesitate to visit Zagora where you will find calm, the change of scenery and the smooth shock of different cultures, in other words, your gateway in Zagora will be the greatest morocco desert tours from marrakech you’ve ever had.

 If you can not handle the heat and the arid weather then it is better for you to forget about the month of August due to the hot and dry winds from the Sahara called Chergui causing the thermometer to rise, for this reason, it is better to visit Zagora from October to February.

The oasis and the surroundings of Zagora reflect the door of the Saharan desert which is a place for reflection and very well-deserved rest.

In Zagora you will be amazed by the kindness of the inhabitants and dazzled by the traditional architecture, you will also have the opportunity to fall for a unique cuisine with its spicy flavors and variety of landscapes from palm groves to high sand dunes.

Are you looking forward to a very unique trip experience? do not hesitate then to book your Morocco desert tours from marrakech with us and you will be amazed by the quality of our services and the organization of our different trips.

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